Sun and newly-prepared slops

Sol och nypistade backar

After one and a half day of involuntary rest, we got a great day. The slopes were newly-prepared and just perfect. Storm winds had settled and at lunch the sun came through. The day offered both slops and lifts that…

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Wind-swept out at the hill

Eld i öppen spis

After two glorious sunny days it is blowing as much as the entire lift system is closed. If we’re lucky, it opens up after lunch. Some brave girls in my ski group has taken their equipment, walking the slope. But…

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A walk in Negombo

Dutch canal i Negombo

Today we made a trip to town. I think we have experienced all the tourist spots that Negombo can offer during a walk. Fishmarket, Dutch Canal (pictured) and St Mary’s Church. The city is quite small and easy to get…

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Sun and sand between my toes

Stranden i Negombo

After a long and tiring flight, we finally landed in Colombo, Sri Lanka. From snow and freezing temperatures to the sun, warmth and adventure in a “new” country. There were not a lot of sleep on the plane, and when…

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